Tools and Resources

If malware is still present on your computer or you simply wish to have another program verify the system is clean, please download and run the following tools for Windows systems:

Download, install and run a full system scan with the Microsoft Safety Scanner for your version of Windows:

Norton Power Eraser (ensure to run a bootable scan for rootkits, you will be prompted to restart your PC for the scan to begin):

SuperAntiSpyware is a free and very effective anti-malware tool. A paid for version is also available:

Hitman Pro: This is a very fast and highly effective second opinion malware scanner. It is available in free and paid for versions. While it is now owned and maintained by Sophos; they have improved it and are continuing to do so:

You can also perform a full system scan with F-Secure’s Online Scanner:

The free Sophos Virus Removal tool is very easy to use but provides comprehensive malware removal:

A specialist yet easy to use rootkit removal tool is available free from Malwarebytes, the Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit tool:

To remove adware and other potentially unwanted programs, there are a number of high quality and easy to use tools available. While these tools are free, please consider supporting the future development of these tools by donating via their websites:

Adwcleaner: (is now maintained by Malwarebytes and no longer needs donations)


Junkware Removal Tool:
This tool has now been discontinued. The majority of it’s functionality is present in the above linked to Adwcleaner tool. The final version of the tool is still available from BleepComputer.

For the Junkware Removal Tool, I would recommend backing up your data to another external destination (e.g. an external hard drive or offsite backup, don’t have the backup accessible on your computer when running the tool) before running this tool. This is because it can delete any application installer that includes advertising toolbars as part of its installation (even if such toolbars are optional). You may not be expecting such installers e.g. Oracle Java to be deleted (without any prompts) and having a backup reduces the inconvenience of such application installers being deleted.


In addition to the websites mentioned within the Protecting Your PC page, the following websites and blogs are useful resources for IT security news and analysis:

Graham Cluley’s Blog:

ComputerWorld Security:

InfoWorld Security:

Kaspersky SecureList Blog:

Malwarebytes Unpacked Blog:

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