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Blog Post (Website) Shout Out February 2016

If you are a Nvidia Geforce/Tesla/Tegra/Quadro/Shield owner the following link may be of interest to you. As you may be aware Nvidia regularly make driver (defined) updates for their GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) available to improve performance, add features and fix software bugs.

However, as the link below shows these routine updates also contain fixes for security vulnerabilities e.g. 9 security advisories were issued in 2015 (1 of which affected the Google Android operating system of the Nvidia Shield):


If you haven’t updated your graphics card driver or Nvidia Shield recently the above website may be worth a visit to obtain and install the most recent security fixes. Further support/information is available from the Nvidia Support page.

Guides for installing drivers on Linux are here and here. Guides for Windows 7/Windows 8 are here with a guide for Windows 10 here.

While I usually provide a respectable shout-out to a blog post I feel this Nvidia website also deserves this for the reasons discussed above.

Thank you.