About Me

I am Computer Science graduate of 2009. I have a particular interest in IT/Cyber security with an emphasis on preventing computer systems from becoming infected from malware or subject to an attack that leads to information being obtained without consent from your computing devices.

I have previously worked as a Malware Analyst and was very successful in removing large numbers of malware threats from customer’s PCs and then providing advice to prevent further infection. This advice would include:

  1. Keeping their operating system, browsers, browser plugins and any software that uses an internet connection up to date.
  2. To use caution when accessing social networks and reading email (namely not clicking on links from untrusted sources or strange/suspicious links from trusted sources).

Preventing my systems from becoming infected and to protect the information that my PCs and devices contain I follow the above advice as well as further steps (which I detail in depth in a separate blog post). I continuously keep my knowledge of security trends, malware threats and security vulnerabilities up to date to enable me to provide the best advice to others.

I intend to use this blog to provide an analysis and opinion of current IT security trends and developments and to provide advice on how these developments affect your security and use of the internet.

In order to keep you safe from the most recent and severe threats, I will always try to write in a clear and simple style since I believe that security does not have to be a complex topic in order to work effectively (unfortunately it frequently is).

Please note that the opinions expressed in this blog are my own and not that of my current or former employers.

I post on the Sophos Security blog under the name of JimC_Security An archive of my older comments for this blog (before it switched to WordPress comments) are available at this link.

Before making a comment on this blog I would request that you review the “Comments Policy” before posting to provide your comment with the best chance of being published. This has become necessary due to the large number of spam comments being received.

If you have any questions on any topic discussed within this blog, please feel free to contact me. I will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

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