Google Responds Positively to Privacy related Feedback

It’s been a while since I covered potential privacy concerns on this blog. Google Chrome is my browser of choice so I read with interest when a tweet from the cryptographer Matthew Green (who I have discussed before on this blog) early this week gained the attention of Google stating that it appeared the browser was violating your privacy by performing un-authorised authentication with Google via the Sign-in feature of Chrome even when you were simply accessing your Google account within a webpage e.g. signing into Gmail or YouTube.

Google were swift to confirm this was not the case but this clarification was not backed up by the user interface of Chrome.

Later this week, Chrome was in the headlines again for not clearing all of the cookies it stores even when you specifically asked it to. Some Google cookies were being left behind or being removed and then quickly replaced the next time you login into a Google service.

The above potentially negative headlines resulted in Google making changes to the upcoming Google Chrome version 70 to resolve/clarify these points for users e.g. by adding a “Allow Chrome-sing-in” setting. Clearer status indicators of when you are logged in and whether data syncing is enabled will also be present. All cookies will also be deleted.

At this time it’s unclear whether these changes will be enough to convince Matthew Green to return to using Google Chrome or not.

These changes are good for Chrome and help to increase it’s trust/transparency. I’m staying with it for this reason. I realise no browser is perfect but we should all try to use the browser most suited to our preferences.

The above privacy settings serve to remind us that we should be aware of the data our browsers are potentially sending about us and provide our feedback when we feel it’s not in our best interests / or if it’s too much privacy to give away simply to use your web browser. As you can see; vendors are sometimes compelled to improve the situation. Google has also requested that feedback continue to be provided to them.

Thank you.

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