US CERT Warns of Possible SMB Zero Day Vulnerability

Earlier this month saw the end of operations for a group known as the Shadow Brokers (who were responsible for the disclosure of critical security vulnerabilities in enterprise networking infrastructure). Their online auction of exploits remains open.

Among the exploits for sale is a possible zero day (defined) SMB (defined) exploit for Windows. With the potential use of this exploited predicted, the US-CERT issued a security advisory, which suggested disabling SMB version 1 and disabling the use of SMB version 2 at the network perimeter (preventing external access or internal traffic reaching outside of the corporate network). As previously noted on this blog, securing the use of SMB version 2 in this manner will also protect against the Redirect to SMB vulnerability.

These recommendations should better secure your corporate network against this exploit as well as future vulnerabilities.

Thank you.

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