Apple Releases Xcode Security Update

In early May Apple made available a security update for their Xcode development tool bringing it to version 7.3.1. This updates resolves 1 critical severity issue assigned to 2 CVEs (defined).

This heap based (the concept of a heap is defined here) buffer overflow (defined) issue was addressed by updating Xcode’s built in Git (a convenient version control system used for software development) to version 2.7.4. This issue was caused by the mishandling of filenames. Further technical details are available here.

As always, full details of all of these updates are provided on Apple’s Security Updates page. Further release notes are available here.

If you make use of Apple Xcode, please install the appropriate update as soon as possible. For advice on how to install Apple updates, please see the resources available on the “Protecting Your PC” page of this page (in this context PC is being used in the general sense of a personal computer and does not in this case refer to a computer using a Microsoft operating system).

Thank you.

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