200th Blog Post Published

Hello everyone,

I hope all is well.

With the publishing of a post on the 13th of March, this marked this blogs 200th post. I wish to thank my dedicated readers for posting comments and questions on this blog over recent months. February saw my routine Security Update Tuesday post reach over 340 views in a single day and 827 that month, a fantastic achievement! I’m so humbled that it was visited this many times, I hope you found it useful.

This year so far has seen a fast pace of security updates being released for web browsers, computers (Linux, Apple and Microsoft), phones (Apple iOS and Google Android) as well as many popular open source applications. I hope that my coverage of them has been useful to you.

If you feel that I post too often about security updates, would like to see less updates discussed, would like to have other content/points present in those posts or you have other suggestions/questions, please let me know by posting a comment or by contacting me.

Before making a comment on this blog I would request that you review the “Comments Policy” before posting to provide your comment with the best chance of being published. This has become necessary due to the large number of spam comments being received.

My purpose with posts discussing updates, how to install them and other useful information concerning them is to make it easier for you whether you work for a large corporation/company, are a small business owner or you are consumer/personal computing user to benefit from the free updates that are made available. Often these updates are easy to install and can make a positive/significant difference to the overall security of your digital devices.

As always for the content that I post I try make it easy to understand and practical to use. I do not believe that you need to know all of the technical details of security issues in order to be safe from them.

Here’s to the next 100 posts and beyond!

Thank you.

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