Daily Archives: March 14, 2016

Blog Post Shout Out March 2016: Focus on Internet of Things (IoT)

With the increasing popularity of standard everyday appliances and devices e.g. webcams, thermostats, TVs all way up to critical infrastructure e.g. power and water treatment plants being connected to the internet, we need to take measures to better defend them against attack. This is necessary since many devices were not designed/built with security in mind.

To assist you with better securing these devices I wanted to provide a respectful shout-out to following blog posts/articles that will help you defend your devices whether they be installed in a corporate environment or your home:

7 tips for securing the Internet of Things by Chester Wisniewski (Sophos Security)

5 Tips to Protect Networks Against Shodan Searches by Aaron Weiss (eSecurityPlanet)

Should CIOs worry about the Internet of Hackable Things? by Jen A. Miller (CIO.com)

These resources should better prepare you for any potential/actual attacks against these devices. Thank you.