Adobe Begins Transition From Flash Player

With the large number of Adobe Flash Player security vulnerabilities being patched last year Adobe is seeking a more secure and easier to maintain alternative. Adobe has detailed within 2 blog posts (here and here) it’s plans to gradually transition content previously accessible using Flash Player to its Primetime platform.

This Primetime platform will leverage the capabilities of HTML 5 (defined), W3C’s Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) and Adobe’s TV SDK (SDK, defined) to provide a rich and fluid experience for content viewers.

What Is Changing?

At this time very little is changing but Adobe plans to make available its Animate CC (replacing Flash Professional CC) product early this year. Flash Player will continue to receive security updates in the current manner (which includes bundling the updates as part of Google and Microsoft’s web browsers) for the foreseeable future. However, in an effort to improve security Adobe plans to work with Facebook to ensure that existing Flash games on Facebook continue to work in a secure manner. This should improve response times to any vulnerability found/being exploited on Facebook’s platform.

Adobe also discusses use cases for their Primetime technology within their blog post that will be used instead of Flash Player.

Update: 21st February 2016: Moreover; while Adobe is transitioning from Flash Player it is continuing to add further mitigations to Flash Player to protect users from security vulnerabilities and exploits.

Will I Be More Secure Using Adobe Primetime?
Since Primetime is based on a more modern codebase than Flash Player it promises to offer more security (since old code used to play old formats will no longer be used) but at this time it’s not possible to make an accurate estimate.

HTML 5 also has its own set of potential security issues. One advantage though is that the code used to parse (analyze data in a structured manner in order to create meaning from it)) HTML 5 is present in all modern web browsers which receive updates on a regular basis. This should ensure that any critical issues are resolved in a timely manner when bundled with routine updates.

I will update this post or publish another post (as appropriate) as the transition from Flash Player takes shape.

Thank you.

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