Microsoft Announces End of Support for Older Versions of Internet Explorer and .Net Framework

Later this month on the 12th of January Microsoft will be changing the versions of Internet Explorer that they provide security updates for. This was briefly mentioned in a previous post of mine.

This means that in order to continue to receive security updates for Internet Explorer you need to have the most recent version of Internet Explorer installed for your version of Windows. Microsoft provides a table within this post which shows the supported Internet Explorer versions for each version of Windows. A detailed FAQ on the changes is also provided here.

Internet Explorer is not the only Microsoft product that will have a change in the supported versions on the 12th of January. The .Net Framework will also see changes. Specifically, v4.0, v4.5 and v4.5.1 will no longer receive security updates from that date going forward.

This does not affect versions 3.5 and 3.5.1. Microsoft has provided further details and an FAQ within a blog post. That post suggests upgrading to version 4.5.2 or later of the .Net Framework and give details of how to check which version of the Framework that you currently have installed on your system. Download links for the updated versions are also provided.

For details of the changes in versions 4.5 and later of the .Net Framework, please refer to this knowledge base article.

I have checked the version of the .Net Framework that is installed on my Windows systems and it’s 4.5.2. If I recall correctly, it was offered as an Important update (along with the routine updates) in January 2015 and I opted to install it at that time. While that version will continue to receive updates, I will test 4.6.1 and migrate to it should my applications continue to work as normal.

Update: 10th January 2016:
Further discussion and information concerning the end of support for older versions of Internet Explorer is provided here and here.

In addition, according to the Sophos blog post linked to above (the first discussion provided) Windows 8.0 will no longer be supported as of the 12th of January 2016. Please update at no charge to Windows 8.1 as soon as possible if you are using Windows 8.0. See question 7 and the answer of this FAQ for more details.

Update: 10th February 2016:
Yesterday Microsoft made available the .Net Framework version 4.6.1 as an Important update shown within Windows Update for any Windows system that does not already have it installed.

I completed the testing of 4.6.1 on all of my personal systems more than 2 weeks ago and my .Net applications continue to work as normal.

I hope that the above links and information are useful to you in installing any upgrades to Internet Explorer and/or the .Net Framework that may be applicable to you in order to receive security updates for those products going forward.

Thank you.

The version of the .Net Framework installed on my systems is 4.5.2 since I haven’t yet migrated to Windows 10 but hope to do so later this year. I’m using Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 at this time.

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