A Short Review of 2015

With 2015 now behind us I thought that it may be a good time to reassure readers of this blog that while many of my posts concern new security updates being made available, I know how time consuming and frustrating that there can be so many updates to install. However they are usually quite easy to install and can make a significant difference in hardening both your corporate and personal computing devices against being exploited by attackers.

For the updates that I wrote about last year (some were made available before I began publishing this blog) I installed them across my personal computer systems and in total they resolved 5840 security issues (not all of which were assigned CVEs (defined)). As you know I try to mention how many issues an update resolves in my posts and following my own advice lead to that many being resolved.

My point here is to show that I know the effort involved in keeping systems patched and I hope that I make it somewhat easier for you. My frequent posts about updates may at times appear patronizing but that is NEVER my intention.

As previously mentioned I provide some suggestions on reducing the time/effort needed to install updates in this post. In summary, automate as much updating as you can.

It’s too early to say how busy 2016 will be but I will endeavour to continue to guide you along the way. Your suggestions, questions and feedback are as always encouraged; so please feel free to contact me.

Thank you.

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