Blog Post Shout Out (late November 2015)

In recent weeks the security firm Malwarebytes have encountered an updated variant of the Vonteera adware (see Aside below for a definition).

This updated variant uses a technique that involves certificates (which were also discussed in a recent blog post) in an effort to prevent anti-malware software attempting to remove this adware from an affected device.

Within the blog post mentioned below, Malwarebytes detail how to bypass the protection technique used by the Vonteera adware so that you can remove this threat from your computer:

Vonteera Adware Uses Certificates to Disable Anti-Malware by Pieter Arntz (Malwarebytes)

If you or anyone you know is affected by this adware, the above mentioned blog post should be of assistance in removing this threat.

Thank you.

What is adware?

Adware is software that is either a program on your computer that displays adverts to you or changes your web browser home page to a website it wishes to promote. Such adware can collect personal information without your consent and send it back to a particular company/entity. A complete definition of adware is provided here.

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