Blog Post Shout Out November 2015

Last Wednesday I read about a report from Flexera Software (formerly Secunia Research) that detailed how large numbers of computer users have out dated versions of Adobe Flash and/or Apple software.

In order to better highlight these issues I wanted to provide a respectful shout-out to the following news articles which provide further details:

Despite recent moves against Adobe, 80% of PCs run expired Flash By Maria Korolov (CSO)
Windows users often forget to patch their Apple programs by Jeremy Kirk (IDG News Service)

For advice on updating Adobe software, please see my posts listed here which detail how to update all popular Adobe software. A similar list for Apple software is available here.

Alternatively if you don’t have the time to perform these updates you could hire someone to do it for you while you concentrate on your day job and/or running your business. Examples of companies that provide this would be this page and this page (among others). You can also check this page on my blog that describes potentially less disruptive means of installing software updates.

However, if your computer is managed by your companies IT department you should ask their permission before having anyone external to the company working on your computer. Such actions could violate the companies security policy. If you have an IT team, consider asking them if they can automatically apply software updates for you if you don’t have the time to do it. While it may not be their job to do this, they may have some usual suggestions to offer that may help you.

I hope the above advice makes installing software updates that include critical security fixes easier. Feel free to provide any further tips on how you install software updates by contacting me or by posting a comment below.

Thank you.

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