Daily Archives: September 23, 2015

Mozilla Releases Firefox 41 and Firefox ESR 38.3

Yesterday Mozilla made available Firefox 41 and Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) 38.3.

Firefox 41 resolves 26 CVEs (defined) and 3 issues (not yet assigned CVEs). When broken down the severity of these issues is as follows:

6x critical severity CVEs
11x high severity CVEs and 2 high priority issues
8x moderate severity CVEs and 1 moderate issue
1x low severity CVE

Firefox ESR 38.3 meanwhile resolves 17 CVEs and 2 issues (not yet assigned CVEs):
5x critical severity CVEs
10x high severity CVEs and 2 high priority issues
2x moderate severity CVEs

Full details of the security issues resolved by these updates are available in the following links:

Firefox 41
Firefox ESR 38.3

Details of how to install updates for Firefox are here. Mozilla Firefox updates generally install without issues, however as always I would recommend backing up the data on any device for which you are installing updates in order to prevent data loss in the rare event that any update causes unexpected issues.

Thank you.

Apple Releases Security Update for WatchOS

Earlier this week Apple made available a large update for their Apple Watch bringing it’s operating system to version 2 from the previous 1.01 released in May.

Full details of this update are available within this Apple knowledge base article.

The update resolves 36 CVEs (defined) and 2 other issues by updating the Certificate Trust Policy and CoreCrypto.

Noteworthy fixes included are as follows:

Apple Pay, CoreCrypto, CFNetwork, CoreText, dyld (dynamic linker), IOKit, watchOS kernel and libpthread

If you own an Apple Watch, please install the appropriate update as soon as possible following Apple’s directions within this support article.

Thank you.